Shamir is Free! Let’s Keep Working to Stop Detentions and Deportations

8 Nov

Thanks to you, Shamir is free!

Balaal and Andy are still in Detention, and ICE wants to build a new massive immigration prison in South Florida. We need to keep up the efforts!

After 9 days in detention, Shamir Ali was released no more than two weeks ago. This was all thanks to your support! In less than a week, was able to gather close to 4,000 signatures in an on-line petitionFLICWe Count and SWER protested in front of Broward Transitional Center (BTC), the DREAMers organized solidarity actions in other 7 cities throughout the country, and we got the attention of national media. Thanks to that, Shamir finally returned home!

The experience can probably be described best in Shamir’s words:

“I am still in disbelief! The back and forth was such a psychological roller coaster. They first denied me prosecutorial discretion, but then approved it after all the media attention. Pretty much, it was all the support I received from people… Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!”

However, despite Shamir’s success, our job here is not complete: ICE continues detaining and deporting people every single day. As if that weren’t enough, they want to build another massive immigration prison right here, in Broward County.

Balal Parveez (pictured left), who is 22 years old and has been in the USA since he was five years old, has been in detention for 10 months. Balal’s situation is critical. He just came out of chest surgery while in detention, and is suffering from physical and emotional hardship. Juan Rodriguez visited him this weekend and this is his story. Please sign this petition to release Balal.

Another riveting story is that of Andrew Maytum (pictured right), a British citizen, who has been in detention for 5 months after resisting deportation attempts several times. His wife is an American citizen and he has a stepdaughter who is currently serving the U.S. Navy. Help Andy stay with his US family by signing this petition.

These cases show that President Obama is not following his promises about making sure ICE is utilizing prosecutorial discretion. Instead, the Administration is negotiating with Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the town of South West Ranches to build a new immigration detention. This will increase ICE’s capacity to detain 1,500 more immigrants in Florida! The opposition among residents is growing, but this is the moment to unify as an immigrant rights movement. The consequences of this for-profit immigration prison will be a disaster for immigrant families all our state. Take a look at our blog and like our Facebook page.

Let’s keep the pressure up, until there are no more unfair detentions and deportations!

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